Berry Kingdom Farm


Welcome to Berry Kingdom Farm!

Berry Kingdom Farm is a place where passion for berry fruits intertwines with caring for nature. Our farm has been growing and caring for berry trees for over two decades. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the freshest, most delicious berry products available.

Our berry trees grow in a picturesque area surrounded by a gentle climate. These are ideal conditions for growing berry fruits, and we appreciate nature for providing us with this fertile corner.

Sustainable Agriculture

We are committed to the principles of sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly production. We use organic plant care methods and avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This allows us to maintain the richness of the soil and maintain the biodiversity of our farm.

Berry Kingdom Farm prides itself on the high quality standard of our berry products. We pay close attention to every detail, from seed selection to harvesting. Our berry trees receive the care and attention they deserve, and it shows in the quality of the fruit.

Our employees share a passion for berry fruits and gardening. We are proud that our team consists of experienced gardeners who know every tree on our farm. This love of berry is carried over into every fruit we produce.


Innovative technologies


At our Berry Kingdom farm, we focus on innovative technology to improve the berry growing process and provide a quality product to our customers.

Artificial Irrigation Systems
We use modern artificial irrigation systems that allow us to optimize water consumption and provide plants with the necessary amount of moisture. This helps us conserve water resources and create optimal conditions for the growth of berry fruits.

Monitoring, Analytics 
We have equipped our berry trees with sensors and monitoring systems that continuously collect data on soil conditions, plant growth and weather conditions. This data allows us to analyze and optimize tree care processes.

Biological Protection
We adhere to the principles of biological crop protection, using environmentally friendly methods of pest and disease control. This allows us to avoid chemical pesticides and preserve the ecosystem on our farm.

Varietal Research
Our team is actively involved in varietal research, collaborating with scientists and botanists to identify new and improved berry varieties. This helps us offer a variety of flavors and types to our customers.

Effective Resource Management
We implement modern resource management systems to optimize the use of energy, water and other resources. We are committed to a sustainable and responsible approach to agriculture.

All of these innovative approaches allow us to not only produce quality berry products, but also protect the environment and make our farm more sustainable and efficient.

Our products


We have a variety of strawberry varieties that we grow. Our oranges come in a variety of flavor and aroma profiles to suit the different preferences of our customers.

Sweet, Juicy: These varieties are distinguished by their delicate sweetness and juiciness of the pulp. They are ideal for fresh consumption or making natural juices.

Oranges for Juices and Cocktails: We have special varieties of oranges that are ideal for making fresh juices and cocktails. Their high juiciness and bright taste make them popular among bartenders and drink connoisseurs.

Organic: We also grow organic oranges, which are free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These oranges are popular among those who value natural products and care about health.

We guarantee that every variety of orange from our farm is the result of the best care and cultivation practices. No matter your taste preference, we offer premium quality oranges that bring joy and flavor to every bite.



Our Raspberries are a real find for connoisseurs of bright berry aromas and refreshing taste.

Bright Berry Aroma: Raspberries from our farm have an intense and pleasant berry aroma. Their essential oils fill the air with freshness and make Raspberries a great addition to your kitchen.

Freshness, Refreshment: An ideal way to add a refreshing taste and acidity to various dishes and drinks. They will lift your spirits and add brightness to every bite.

Versatile Use: Our lemons are suitable for a variety of culinary preparations. Their juice is used for marinades, sauces, baking and making drinks. Raspberries can also be added to water or tea for a refreshing taste.

Lemons from our farm add freshness and brightness to your dishes and drinks. They are an integral part of a healthy and delicious diet, and we are proud to provide you with such quality berry products.


Our Blackberry are a real find for connoisseurs of unique taste and bright bitterness.

uiciness, Tenderness: Blackberry from our farm are distinguished by incredible juiciness and tenderness of the pulp. They literally melt in your mouth, filling every bite with berry flavors.

Unique Bitterness: Bitterness is what makes grapefruits especially delicious. Our Blackberry varieties have a slight bitterness, which gives them a characteristic and unique taste.

Rich in Vitamins: Blackberry are an excellent source of vitamins C and A, as well as antioxidants. They help maintain health and the immune system.

Ideal for Juice: Grapefruit juice is not only a refreshing drink, but also a source of energy and vitamins. Our grapefruits are ideal for making natural juice that will give you energy throughout the day.



I love your bluebarry juice! It's so refreshing and flavorful. I start every morning with a glass of this juice and it really lifts my mood for the day!

Your bluebarry are the true embodiment of freshness. I use them in a variety of dishes and they add a unique flavor every time. I recommend!

Your strawbarry are truly special. I appreciate their slight bitterness, which makes the taste so interesting. They are great for my morning juice!

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If you have any questions about our farm, products or berry growing, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to communicate with our clients and are ready to share our experience and passion for berry fruits.